Be it fiction, fantasy, zion, utopia, dream or illusion… Strange, amusing, shocking, wonderful, sad or peaceful; what a wonder creation of thoughts, this Escapism. Darkness, light, mystical, mythical; if only one imagines. Step onto the path shinning and shimmering with possibilities, go beyond the established, wander into the world unknown. Those who possess the mind and sight shall prevail while those shackled to their logic may find nothing but ash and sand. Amid total darkness there shall be complete revelation to some, where many shall retreat carrying along with them the proof of nothingness and discouragement. Ah, but if they could only see the wonders and creation hidden amidst the veil of blackness. Strange and impossible it may seem, to many, yet creation always takes birth from nothing. Vision, knowledge, strangeness and unpredictability are the creators of creation.

Imagination is the single greatest power bestowed to humankind by its Creator. The power to create a world of their own. A world defined by own rules, language, music, manner, material, philosophy, ideals, ideas, vision, shape or even maybe… life? To mimic the creator, to do the impossible, to visualize the unthinkable, to go beyond the reasonable, the world of unlimited potential, exploding with infinite possibilities, a world without boundaries or barriers, waiting restlessly for the mind to delve into it and explore it. This world of fiction and imagination holds never ending surprises for its explorers. A rebellious mind susceptible to absorbing greater proportions of what mind palace may have to offer. What wonders this strange hidden world may reveal, always egging on the mind of the explorer.

This gift of sight by looking beyond the darkness and finding light, to create something extraordinary and beyond belief out of nothingness. To wander off into uncharted terrain and explore the hidden mysteries with unparalleled curiosity; a
world unbounded by time, space, or any rational limitation; a world unchained by laws of science. Taking an unseeing eye upon an adventure every time it enters this vast arena, to surprise it, shock it, riddle it, make it tingle with curiosity and to ignite interest for it to keep lingering on its doorstep. History’s greatest revolutionaries, leaders, researchers, founders, thinkers, poets, philosophers, artists, doctors, scientists… dreamers, had a peculiar trait of foresight and vision. They all dreamt a conception of an idea, concept, thought that was never there to begin with. They became the pioneers and forerunners of something they desired and dreamed, materializing it in front of people blind to its idea. By using a simple thought process which intertwined and intermingled with numerous complexities, variables and impossibilities they created or rather invented an idea in their heads. Many of their dreams, ideas manifested into reality; if not in their time then afterwards.

World of men have an innate tendency to resist change and radical ideas, ergo the dreamers face heavy criticism, cynicism and ridicule. Monotony of this slow stuporous life is normal for an average statistic, if a rift is created within this stagnant pond of life the environment rarely adapts but instead rejects it immediately and vigorously so. To imagine and ponder off into a make belief world requires indulgence into the domain of strange and extra-ordinary. A strange territory upon entering once, forever changes the perception and power of comprehension. Ability of creating something, anything out of nothing is a gift nonetheless, and this power multiplies, mutates, and increases by folds every time it is used. Thus begins the adventure of a lifetime, a dream of a dreamer, completion of an idealization, creation of a persona even, but everything commences from utter oblivion. But once it begins, spreads like a wildfire, the light of which shines everywhere, touches everything and anything. The mind delves into unfathomable possibilities, curious and prepared. It ponders, explores, enlightened, rejoices and humbled. There is no experience compared to the joy of surprise and ideation realized. Create an image, fly across heavens, breathe underwater, touch the stardust, and look through the eyes of some other creation, become anything, anytime, anywhere. Intertwine all senses, Compose music, indulge and experience amazing, something extraordinary. Levitate, transcend, transform, mutate, regenerate, rejuvenate, create, the possibilities are limitless.

Upon a desolate heartbreaking corner of the earth lies a broken, battered old house encasing a lone life. Perspective drawing closer and closer from the heavens; clouds, roof, stopping and hovering just near the mind of the slumbering enigma. This being sleeps on but there lingers a strange lopsided smile as if this human taunts and challenges the prevailing environment. Perspective dives into the mind of the resting life. The scenery changes, it distorts, it transforms and imagination comes into play. Surrounded by soft, warm light upon a white sandy beach slowly, being caressed by gentle waves of light blue and greenish sea water. The gaze wanders in all direction yet it forever falls upon infinite water sparkling like diamonds surrounding a small lone island. The gentle breeze, lukewarm water, greenery, soft chirping of birds in the vicinity and soft cotton like sand in a warm embrace of environment inducing peace and tranquility of thunderous proportions. The contrast is so vivid that the belief almost gives away and threatens to join oblivion. Perception of every entity is different. It grows and develops its uniqueness by the experiences and encounters of life itself. Just like the DNA of every living being is its specific signature, its personal identification. Just like that the mind differentiates its powers of comprehension as well. Like an ever spreading spectrum colors of light having its own identity and frequency. To think and to experience the vivid imagination of another therefore is a rare opportunity. It is not only gratifying but also immensely helpful in opening the cavities of one’s own mind. The time old saying of “opportunity for picking ones brain” goes without saying nevertheless.

Yes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.

Oscar Wilde

Assume that there might be no innovations, ideas, inventions, research, inspirations, technology and anything curious if the dreamers were to stop dreaming and if the mind was to be restrained to imagine. When ever there is a thought as long as it’s within the mind and being pondered over it does not reflect change. Whether it may be a bright and a beautiful thought or may it be a dark horrendous thought, as long as it’s in our mind it does not affect change. Even in religion Islam the gravity of every action is the intention through which the action is achieved. The act of imagining opens the mind to innumerable possibilities, it is the stimulation and energy having a positive and a pronounced effect on the thinking muscle. So why fear in indulging, probing the unknown, why close the mind and muffle the bleak whispers of curiosity? Why not invite fearlessness and courage? Why not for once detach from the band-wagon of life and breathe the air of independence? Why not? for once… Just Imagine!

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