Sayyiduna Sa’id ibn Al ‘As (Radiallahu Anhu) narrated from Prophet (ﷺ) who said:

“The right that the elder brother enjoys over his younger brothers is the same right the father enjoys over his son”

– Shu’abul Iman, Hadith: 7553 (Daeef)

Weight heavier than world upon herculean shoulders, expectations higher than heavens, face distraught with ceaseless creases, will power like the ever spreading wildfire. Patience is the gravity around which the balance of this hero is created. Patience is the precipice upon which this titan treads; upon each side of the precipice is the infinite canyon of dismay, chaos and ruin. The title of the eldest is not by choice but predestined, like the kings of the old who once proclaimed their right to throne by birth. The honor of becoming the one, the chosen one, comes with its share of catch. The description of which if followed upon shall result in an unending tale of trial and tribulations. But the story shall be told nonetheless even if it’s a short tasteless one, since the lesson learnt is always hidden in the dull derelict pages of past.

First to experience all that may come to pass, may it be joy or pain. Pioneer in true essence and meaning, the forerunner and fore bearer of initiation. Brimming with hope, curiosity and a deep thirst for undivided, never-ending love and attention. The beginning of time feels like the slippery sand forever escaping through the clenching fists. What was years ago seem like yesterday and that which was the past seems to linger on in the comical paradox of time. Yet as the sands of time glide away through the aperture of life, the weight seems to get heavier and unbearable. This heavy weight is none other than the expectations and dreams of the people most cherished, loved and valued. Strange that the people closest to the heart have the ability to bestow love, loss and pain.

As the first small steps are taken to endeavor towards a lifetime of adventure, trepidation of this mortal slowly vanishes away. With the gradual discourse through time the elder experiences in-numerable feelings, the experiments for his evolution into unique perfection are countless. Eventually the ability of life to surprise fades away, the trail of rose petals followed so desperately for the rest upon the mythical bed of roses ends upon the silently dying garden of roses. Yet the flabbergasting hope and fearlessness are the foundations of the eldest. Born with the survivor’s instinct and a knack for bearing enormous pressure, shape the elder into a monstrous being. The life in its maddening hilarity is always multi-dimensional. Even after passing of so many eons its methods are always different for each individual. Some people would vanish without ever comprehending the magnitude and meaning of life, without ever feeling the soul’s heavy burden, without staring into the abyss of darkness and light. The spectrum of life is indefinite and forever, like the confusing enigma, a labyrinth of infinite proportions. Nonetheless, every human being must find their own way within this multitude of paths laid before them. Elder henceforth treads forwards upon the path of extraordinary hardships and change.

Within his diversified, obstructive, detrimental nevertheless an important journey, elder discovers his place within the complex intermingling spectrum of life. Like the unique frequency of his color he reacts and portrays his character and innate ability accordingly. The bright white light of life shines deep and strong upon him, sometimes so bright that the focus begins to waver. But the aim always eventually lingers onto sight as a beacon of guidance for the elder, it dims the shine just enough that the wayward warrior finds his way back on course. Sadly sometimes this brightness of life is so much that the journeyman looses sight and becomes blind, after which the path becomes riddled with dismay and terror eventually ending upon the chasm of eternal pain.

The feeling subsists within the hollow chasm of the heart, a strange numbness, a tranquility stranger to the conditions prevailing. The host grabs onto this enigma and persists. In all effects and causality; finality arrives eventually. The journey may it be unfathomable in the end always has a destination for the journeyman. And so the destination reached, the objective acquired, time to disembark. Experience, curiosity, exposure and feelings are the luggage of this journeyman. The road had been hard and painful, full of countless instants of complete dismay and loss. Yet the lips twitch, curls into a satisfying smile, Eldest humbled and overwhelmed crosses the domain of instantaneous and steps onto the infinite. Heavens shower thunderous applause, mountains reverberate, Another titan joins the ranks!

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